Below is some of the key terminology for the TouchDesigner Curriculum.

For more information about general terms in TouchDesigner please refer to the TouchDesigner Glossary

Learning Paths

Curated sequences focusing on particular concepts that include lessons and topics. Learning Paths cross through multiple conceptual domains with many possible adjacent areas of exploration. That being the case, a course category is not intended to describe the only sequence of conceptual steps to understand an overarching idea, but rather stands as a recommendation to educators as they prepare their courses.

Learning Paths are domain specific and should be easily restated as a question whose answer should be rhetorical and qualitative rather than explicit and quantitative.

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A discrete group of lessons. Courses are collections (ordered or unordered) of lessons whose sum is greater than their individual components. The course does not describe a complete conceptual arc but is instead a cloud of essential concepts. Like learning paths, many courses will be largely domain specific.


A collection of topics. This grouping is at least two topics, typically in a specified order, that should have a concrete learning object.


Tangible abilities and skills one can learn, including TouchDesigner specific operators, techniques and touchstones. Topics stand as the atomic unit of the curriculum. These actions can be used in combination in order to explore specific ideas or accomplish specific concrete tasks. These should largely be framed in the context of TouchDesigner, and while they can certainly point to other domains for reference they should be distinctly TouchDesigner centric in their expression.

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