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The TouchDesigner community has a long tradition of contributing to a publicly shared knowledge base. From open-source books to YouTube channels dedicated to TouchDesigner creatives, there is an ever growing wealth of information for new and experienced users. 

Instructors, however, often have more specific objectives for their students, and need a slightly different structure for learning materials. If you’re an instructor who is looking to share your existing knowledge, create new materials, or even remix the materials that already exist in the curriculum – we invite you to consider adding to the TouchDesigner curriculum.


Materials in the TouchDesigner Curriculum are broken into three main categories. For more information about these terms see Terminology.

> Courses 

A course is a group of lessons. 

> Lessons

A lesson is a collection of topics.

> Topics

Topics are tangible abilities and skills one can learn and stand as the atomic unit of the curriculum. 

Skill Levels

A course, lesson or topic is categorized as a 100, 200, or 300 series skill level — with the 100s being foundational and entry-level, 200s as more intermediate concepts, and 300s as advanced or expert-level material. In short, the 100 level could be considered beginner, 200 as intermediate, and 300 as advanced.


In order to keep material for the TD Curriculum digestible and modular, videos should generally be shorter in format (increasing in duration only as video content becomes more complex). Videos in the 100s should be under 10 minutes, videos in the 200s should be around 20 minutes, and around 30 minutes for the 300s.

When thinking about creating videos for the Curriculum, consider whether it is an individual topic, or a series of topics (a lesson), or a longer format like a course. Then consider how you can group your content based on the required skill level.

The goal for the Curriculum is that it can be remixed and reused by other instructors and educators.  Consider structuring your content for Curriculum as an exercise for how your content can be broken into modular component pieces.

Sample Course

We recommend that you take a look at the 100s Series: TouchDesigner Fundamentals to get started with the Curriculum:

Interested in Contributing?

If you’re interested in adding to the TouchDesigner curriculum please reach out to so we can work with you to add to this living resource.

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