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Welcome to the TouchDesigner Curriculum. This learning resource is for everyone in the TouchDesigner community, and especially for our educators who are looking for a structured approach to teaching TouchDesigner. The curriculum is built around TouchDesigner concepts with the intention of having a modular structure so that it can be easily remixed to fit the needs of any instructor’s course.

Instructors from the Montreal TouchDesigner Summit 2019

In the curriculum you’ll find existing courses that are made up of building blocks called lessons and topics. Lessons are intended to capture a complete skill set with more defined topics and skills. While you’re welcome to use complete courses, you can also use individual lessons, or even single topics in your class.

Many domain specific uses of TouchDesigner often draw upon the same base set of topics, and the TouchDesigner curriculum is intended to be remixed to to address the learning objectives of your course. If you have a course you’d like to see incorporated into the TouchDesigner curriculum please reach out to learn @ derivative.com so we can work with you to add to this living resource.


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