Outputting Content to Displays

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In TouchDesigner we display content in another window or on another display by using a Window COMP. The Window COMP can include the typical borders that come with a floating window for your operating system, or it can be displayed without those borders. 

When creating a project that outputs to a secondary display, and has a User Interface, it is a best practice to only use a single Window Component. This typically means that you collect your UI and output images into a single container that you then assign to a Window COMP.

The Window COMP has some parameters that can be especially useful in more complex multi-display arrangements. The parameter Justify and Offset to – allows the user to define which display will be the starting location for a Window Component. For example, rather than specifying a display index you may instead want a project file to always open on the display defined as the primary display. Selecting this in the Justify and Offset to parameter should ensure that your project file always opens on the user’s primary display. Additionally, the Window Component has another set of Justify parameters – Justify Vertical and Justify Horizontal. These are used to identify where a window should open. For example, you may want a Window Component to always open at the top right of a display, these parameters can ensure that your Window Component always opens in the desired location.

You may also choose to offset a Window Component by a specified number of pixels. The Offset parameters provide some additional offset amounts that are applied after the operation of the justify parameters. For example, you may want your project to always open 10 pixels to the right, and 10 pixels down from the top left corner. These offset parameters give you that degree of control.

Finally you may want your Window COMP to fill one or all the displays of your desktop which you can do with Fill options.

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