Working with Cameras

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There are lots of ways to work with Cameras in TouchDesigner. One technique that’s often helpful when composing a scene is to use a look-at. A look-at will point the camera towards another 3D object in the scene rather than requiring that you change the rotation parameters of the camera manually. The Null COMP is often useful as a COMP that can be used as a look-at for other COMPs, as it has all of the 3D transformation parameters, but does does not contain any rendered geometry.

Beyond telling our camera where to look, it’s also helpful to have a path that our camera can animate along. The Camera COMP has a parameter for Path SOP – this is a SOP whose geometry describes a path our camera will move along. 

In TouchDesigner we can choose if we want to render a scene with perspective or orthographically. Located in the Camera COMPs View page, there’s a drop down parameter for Projection. This can be set to Perspective, Orthographic, Perspective to Ortho Blend, or Custom Projection Matrix.

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