Signal Routing

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There are numerous ways to move data around in TouchDesigner, and similar to how we route video through our networks with TOPs, we can also route CHOP data.

If we want to merge multiple channels from different operators, we can use a Merge CHOP to bring them into a single CHOP.

A powerful CHOP for moving data through TouchDesigner networks is the Select CHOP. The Select CHOP can pull the contents (all channels and samples) from a single CHOP, multiplex CHOPs together, pull only identified channels from targeted CHOPs, and fetch CHOP channels from other networks.

A common technique for separating interface elements in TouchDesigner is to encapsulate those components into Containers. You can then use an In CHOP or an Out CHOP to route channels into and out of networks. It’s not uncommon to use a combination of techniques – encapsulation, merging, and selects to move data throughout TouchDesigner projects.

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