Manipulating Audio

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There are several ways to work with audio in TouchDesigner. To get going you first want playback audio and output audio. When playing back a whole audio file we typically use the Audio File in CHOP. This loads and plays a whole audio file in TouchDesigner. In order to hear that file, we need to use an Audio Device Out CHOP and route the audio to the output device of your choice. It’s also common to use an Audio Dynamics CHOP to act as a compressor/limiter on the audio output.

Sometimes we want to trigger simple sounds for the user. These may be simple audio clips for interactive installations or user interface feedback. We can achieve this with the Audio Play CHOP, which plays an audio file once externally.

TouchDesigner often is used for combining audio and video in performance, to that end it’s often helpful to do some audio analysis in TouchDesigner. While you can certainly build your own audio analysis engine out of CHOPs, we can also use the audioAnalysis component that’s in the Palette. If you want to see how this component works, you can look inside this COMP to see how it was made. additionally, VST3 plugins can be used with TouchDesigner’s Audio VST CHOP.

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