Routing Your Content

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Routing image and video data is a key skill to learn when working with Texture Operators. Routing operator signals can be accomplished both with wires and links. While the Cross TOP and Switch TOP rely on using operator wires, the Select TOP uses links (and operator paths) to route video.  

The Null TOP is an essential workflow operator that saves time and makes changing networks a snap. When working with TOPs it is often helpful to have an end point in your chain of operators that can be referenced in other portions of the network. While Null TOPs don’t have any explicit parameter functionality, they make it easy to alter your networks without needing to make downstream changes. 

The In and Out TOPs are used for routing your TOP networks through other components. When creating your own tools in TouchDesigner it is often useful to create encapsulated networks that are easily reusable. The In and Out TOPs allow for easy routing through COMP operators.  

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