Saving Images & Video

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When it comes to saving images and video you have several options in TouchDesigner. On any TOP you can right-click and select “Save Image”. This is a fast way to save images on-the-fly. 

When you’re just getting started exporting video, it’s often easiest to use the Movie Export Dialog available from the File menu. From here you can set which TOP you’d like to save to file, and the duration of your clip. It’s important to know that there’s a relationship between the timeline and this process, so be sure to read the wiki article about using the Export Video Dialog.

For a more custom export process, you can also use the Movie File Out TOP. This operator can be used to save single images, image sequences, stop-frame animation or video. Here you have more access to codecs, compression, fields, multi-channels, metadata, color depth and audio codecs and bit rates.

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