The 100 Series: TouchDesigner Fundamentals

Learning the TouchDesigner interface, and operators basics.

This course focuses on learning how to navigate the TouchDesigner environment, essential single family operations, and the basic ingredients for interactivity and realtime rendering. If you’re just getting started with TouchDesigner, make sure to check out the Learning Tips page before you start the course.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • navigate the TouchDesigner network interface
  • identify the key capabilities of each of the operator families
  • create, connect, and modify operators
  • use texture operators to modify images
  • use channel operators to control elements of a TouchDesigner network
  • create 3D rendered scenes
  • create interfaces and control panels
  • organize and refactor operator networks
  • write one-line python expressions
  • create systems of connected operators with python expressions
  • find help additional resources in OP Snippets, the Wiki and the Derivative forum

Course Content

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